Palm Tree Maintenance Boca

Palm Tree Maintenance Boca

Serving Florida and operating out of Pompano Beach since 1991, Palm Tree Doctor is the original palm specialist. We have ISA Certified Arborists on staff to serve you for all of your palm diagnosis, palm treatment, and palm maintenance needs in Florida.

Palm Tree Doctor offers palm maintenance in Florida to ensure your palms are protected from the various insects, diseases, and deficiencies caused by malnutrition. We have ISA Certified Arborists on staff using a unique method to properly treat diseased and distressed palms.

Florida Palm Tree Maintenance is vital for palms to survive, especially after being treated for infestation, diseases, or deficiencies caused by malnutrition. We use a proprietary method to treat and maintain palms, as they can be very costly to replace. The actual cost of the treatment and maintenance we offer is surprisingly affordable.

Prices for maintaining palms in Florida vary, depending on the number and types of palms that need to be treated or maintained. Our representatives will be happy to quote prices in person while at your property.


We provide service throughout Broward County and the Palm Beaches; we also offer National and International consultation services. Call 954-946-3600 to schedule an appointment.